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R12-The view thru Gods eyes

 Romans 12:3
“For by the grace given to me I say to everyone of you: do not think of yourself more highly than you ought, but rather think yourself with sober judgment ,in accordance to the measure of faith God has given you”  
Today as we continue our R12 journey. I would like to focus on the last section of verse 3 ;”In accordance to the measure of faith God has given you”, and break this down to discover what Paul is telling us here. What we need to know is that the word “measure” stands for the standard, and  “Faith” does not stand for our personal, subjective faith but the way our life is transformed when we accept Christ. Paul wants us to think about ourselves with sober judgment in reference to the standard of how we are changed in Christ, who is the gift of our salvation from God. To understand this a little more in depth we need to come to grips with who we are in Christ, and how God sees us. Who we are in Christ is a  saved child of God. When we accept Christ as our Savior we are accepting that God gave us his son to suffer for all of our sins because he loves us that much. To address how God sees us I (along with Chimp Ingram) would like to encourage you to look up the following verses, write them down, and keep them in a place where you can see them every day. Last week we addressed the false beliefs that keep us from growing in our personal walk of faith. The five verses below are meant to help you apply change to those areas in your life where you may be struggling with those false beliefs. These next five areas show us how God sees us.

When it comes to Appearance God wants us to know in Psalm 139:13-17 That we created us, and we are wonderfully made. He knows everything in everyday that we life. Nothing is hidden from him.

When we have trouble accepting our Worthiness ,Isaiah 61:10 tells us that Because we trust in Jesus Christ ,We are righteous people in his sight.We are dressed is all of his goodness ,and have a new life in him. We are truly good people as we continue to grow in Christ.

When we need a sense of Belonging, Romans 8:31-32 tells us. We are wanted,appreciated and loved by God!! And God is the most important person in our lives.

When we need Ssecurity in our lives Paul continues in Romans 8:38-39; That we are secure in our relationship with Christ, our safety, and our future in heaven or earth.Nothing can take him away from us, or make him love us less.

Lastly when we struggle with Competence, Philippians 2:13,4:13 tells us we have competence because we have the holy Spirit to carry out God’s will in our daily life in a way that pleases God.Our importance in life is connected with the way we touch others with the love of God is the message of Christ.

Again I urge you to look at these verses and know who you are and how God sees you. I challenge you to read them  everyday and see if that changes your thoughts about yourself into sober self assessment.

Your Sister in Christ,
April Carmack

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*Living on the EDGE, Chip Ingram
Romans 12

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