R12-who has God made you to be?

Hello brothers and sisters! This week we start a new section, where we will focus on self assessment. I will warn you that the next 5 weeks, may not be easy. It may even be pain full for some of us.This is only to help us discover who we are, where we belong, and what our purpose is. Therefore, bringing us closer to true spirituality.

First lets look at Romans 12:3

 Romans 12:3
“For by the grace given to me I say to everyone of you: do not think of yourself more highly than you ought, but rather think yourself with sober judgment ,in accordance to the measure of faith God has given you”  

We are being called to think about our lives with sober judgment. Which means we need to start by looking humbly at who we are, and how we got here.Then with our faith and humility we will reflect on how we can work together as one body of Christ to serve.We will get into more detail about serving in the coming weeks. Before we learn how to serve; we need to learn how God made us into who we are. So this week take time to think about your childhood, youth and adulthood. What opportunities has God brought you through that have shaped you into the child of God that you are today? What are your strengths, talents, and weaknesses?
When we have come to terms with the good and the bad from our past; when we have taken the time to realize where God has worked in our lives; and when we can come before God with sober judgment about who we are, then we will have greater understanding about God’s will for our life and how he wants us to serve him.

Your Sister in Christ,
 April Carmack

For more on this topic visit  http://r12online.livingontheedge.org
*Living on the EDGE, Chip Ingram
Romans 12


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