To Love and to Honor

Week of May 13th 2012

To Love and To Honor 

Authentic community occurs when the real you meets real needs for the right reasons in the right way.-Chip Ingram

God has called us to love sincerely. Last week we talked about taking off our mask and being real with each other so we can experience authentic community. Now let’s examine the two things that Paul calls us to concentrate on once we have taken the masks off.

Romans 12:10

Be devoted to one another in brotherly love. Honor one another above yourselves.

It’s pretty straight forward but this command is not easy. Jesus is the example.Jesus was truly devoted. He always put others before Himself. He was so filled with the love of God that it overflowed out of Him into all of His works. He met the real needs of those around Him by being devoted and putting them before Himself.In John 13 we read about Jesus finding a need to wash the feet of His disciples.  As they prepared to sit down for the passover meal Jesus did not pick a disciple to get a towel and wash everyone’s feet. No, Jesus was devoted to his disciples and loved them above himself and so He washed their feet and told them that now that he has washed their feet ;they are to go out and  wash one another. They are to do as Jesus did; love and serve each other with devotion and honor. Also, lets not forget His ultimate act of honorable devotion in love; His sacrifice so our sins could be wiped away.
So what does this look like for us as we build our authentic community? We have to keep that mask off, forget ourselves, and get out of our comfort zone .Take a look at what is going on around us and ask “how can I help serve my brothers and sisters by meeting needs they have, even if is at cost to me?” When we love and honor others by putting them first above our needs, we are showing God first hand that we love Him and just want to honor Him. Then the spirit will be fruitful in us and continue to bring glory to God.Did you take off your mask? Now, ask yourself how will I be devoted in love to my brothers and sisters by honoring their needs above my own? 



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