Soak up the Son, and you won’t get burnt.

Summer in NYC is a great time. Central park is filled with life as people come to relax, let loose and take a break from the “Gotta move faster” attitude of the city. Mr. Softy brings cold treats on hot days all over the city as street fairs show down city blocks all summer long. After a cold long winter we can’t wait for the sunshine of spring and summer, and to hear “the Yankees WIN the game!” That is what summer is all about right?Enjoying life, relaxing and taking a break, a vacation from life and for many soaking up the sun.

Now this relaxing time for ourself is almost a necessary part of the New Yorker renewal process, but as always when we have to be careful not to get burnt. Spiritually as well as literal.

Warning: Summer has temptations!!!

Family vacations or even a day or weekend trip will test a family in tolerance and patience. Going to a park or beach that will be filled with mostly naked bodies will temp your thoughts and actions from being pure, respectful and lustful. And the die-hard fans at the game are bound to throw about less than ideal language and could very easily temp you into going along with the crowd. Satan is sneaky and loves the summer time. He knows that when your tired and ready for a break from life and he has a chance to encourage you to be self-indulgent, and consumed by the idea of ” I’ve earned a break, I wanna do what ever I want.I want it to be all about me , I don’t wanna think about anything or anyone else”. I’ve been there, we all have. And it’s good to take a break, to take time for renewal, and rest. There is nothing wrong with those needs, but these are times where we can be easily swayed and distracted by the world, and forget to set ourselves apart. If we remember our calling to live and love soaking up the light of the Son then the Holy Spirit will be in us protecting us from getting burnt during our self renewal this summer.


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