R12-Be the Church

Week of May 27th 2012

This week the subject is easy to understand but a little bit harder to apply and must be in constant practice. FocusPaul all throughout Romans 12 has been explaining to us where our focus should be; Surrendered to God, renewed, humbled, serving with love using our gifts, and being sincere never lacking fervor as we serve. That’s a lot to focus on and a little over whelming! You might be crying out to God saying “Father, How am I supposed to do all of this, I’m only human?!”

Let’s read verses12-13

“Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, and faithfull in prayerShare with God’s people who are in need. Practice hospitality.’’

Another word for joyful commonly used here is rejoicing. Here Chip Ingram is telling us rejoicing and being joyful in hope is focusing on the trust we have in God and what he has given us. Next we are to be focused on patience and persevering when we are stressed, or in hardship. God will use these times to test our faith, and help us grow as we gain patience by being faithful in constant prayer both for ourselves and others. This leads us to the last section. Serving others and loving them by sharing our time, our services, our home, our prayers and even our money when we see the need. We should be actively pursuing the needs of others and focusing on just beingin the Spirit of God. Chip ends the chapter by saying “Let’s stop going to church; let’s be the church!” 

We thank you for bringing us together so that we can feel your presence and love in each other. We feel you working in this group and ask that your spirit continue to dwell in us as we form a strong, supportive, loving community. Open our eyes when we are focused on selfish motives and fail to see the needs of others so that we can continue to serve with love as you have loved us.
With thankful hearts we pray, Amen


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