focus of the Church.

A little bit on fire this morning…

What is our focus on? What expectations do we have from serving in the church? Have we become to self-serving?


 We as a body of Christ are called to work together in unity with love to serve each other and the community. Not because it is a duty as a Christian, but because this is how Jesus lived. And we are called to be imitators of Jesus. When Jesus was performing miracles and sharing the Spirit of God the only thing he was expecting to get out of it was the glorification of the King and creator. He was not in it for himself. He trusted that God would provide for him and so he provided for others without asking God what he could get out of it.

 It is such a privilege to serve God and feel the Holy Spirit working in our lives. It’s amazing when we see God’s plan coming together, or when we see someone who was lost and without hope realize that they are loved beyond measure and Jesus has taken away all the wrongs and all the wounds of their past and we see them baptized with the Spirit. How glorious is it when we see the works of Gods hands? That is the point and the expectation we should have when we serve the Church and Christ. That we will glorify the Kingdom and bring others to know their salvation. We can not be serving ourselves when serve in the church and asking “what’s in it for me”.

 I’ve been pulled to Acts 2 several times recently and with verse 42 we see how believers who were newly baptized with the Holy Spirit went on to work in unity and sold their possessions and gave to anyone who had a need. Those who received their gifts then met in fellowship and became newly baptized themselves. The Holy Spirit kept on working and growing because the believers did what ever they could to serve and show that God was in them without asking what was in it for them. And so they were blessed and kept on growing in numbers bring glory to God.


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