Sarah, A woman like us. wk 1

Sarah; a woman like us. Part 1

1Peter 3:3-6 Genesis 11:27-12:9, 12:10-13:2


We may not have husbands and we may not even have a living example of what a Holy husband looks like; but we do have the example of Abraham and Sarah. Though they were not perfect beings as we will discover in the coming weeks they were blessed by God or their faithfulness and obedience.

I first want to establish one thing about husbands and why women should submit to them. As single (unmarried) Christian women living and working in fast paced York it is important for us to have a high standard of the men we chose to date, marry, and have a family with. We need to establish a standard of men looking/submitting to God for answers and direction in his life. Not looking to you, himself or the world. When we are married to a man who trusts God, then we can trust God to work through our husband to accomplish what is best.

Sarah was a smart, strong, beautiful  and obedient woman. It was because of her trust and faith that God was guiding her husband that she humbly submitted to him. God found favor in them because of that faith. Sarah at age 65 left Ur with her husband as God instructed. In Gen 11:30 we learn that Sarah was barren. Then in 12:7 the Lord promises Abraham that his offspring, his child would inherit the land.  From there they continue to travel to Egypt. It is here that we start to see a lack of faith from Abraham, but Sarah stays submitted to him and does what he says. Even in Abram’s failure to fully rely on God to provide and protect them, God still does. God still blesses them and brings them through Egypt not only unharmed but blessed with gifts from the Pharaoh.

In this study we will focus on what Sarah and her husband were going through in their lives. How they submitted to God and sinned against God. We will address how we can identify with Sarah as women of strong will, and beauty in God’s eyes, and how we can learn from her failures, and be encouraged by the blessings that she received.


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