My convicted heart prays

Father ,

 I have forgotten your majesty and everything you have done for me. I confess that I have made life about myself and not you. I have dishonored your name by my thoughts, words and actions, and  made idols of earthly things. Forgive me father for living in these meaningless ways and give me transformation by your Holy Spirit; so that I may gain greater understanding of your glory and hunger and thirst for you every day.  I thank you for your son Jesus Christ who died because of my sins and it is because of that salvation that I pray to you now. In Jesus’ name. Amen


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One response to “My convicted heart prays

  1. God is a forgiving and merciful God – be sure to forgive yourself as well. I pray for your continued growth and development, just remember, it takes a life time. We’ll stumble and fall sometimes but He’s always there to give us a hand up, an ear to talk to, a shoulder to lean on and His heart.

    Don’t give up on yourself because God never will.


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