A mourning heart

It is heartbreaking to see what evil has come to this world. And I can’t come up with the right words to express the sorrow, sympathy and love I wish to convey to the families and community of Sandy Hook elementary. We are mourning with you, and praying for you. We pray for God‘s comfort over your hearts. That you would find renewal, hope, and transformation in his love during this time of such pain and grief.

Father God,

Our hearts break over the evil in the world, the innocence lost and how much we have fallen away from you. We know your heart breaks with ours.Father change this world. Change us. Let us carry out our lives led by your good and holy Spirit. Father we praise you that you are greater than anything. We thank you that in all our imperfections you love us, and sent a greatly needed saviour to us. Father we say “Come Lord Jesus ,Come”. And let us live by your Spirit to fight on day by day against the evil that seeks to pull us away from you.

Father we pray in Jesus name. Amen

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  1. chris

    Love your devotion, and couldn”t have said any better! AMEN GOD IS GREAT!!!!!!!

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