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Finding myself in Christ

My fleshly desires,reactions,and thoughts tend to get caught up in what is non-important in the eyes of Christ. I worry about things that don’t need worrying and but my attention to things that don’t matter at all. It leaves me thinking about where my identity is found. Is it in Christ? Do my frustrations, worries and stresses honor God and give him glory for the blessings he has poured on me? No, of course not. So I am once again humbled. Remembering that God knows me,he knows my heart. He knows what scares, or worries me. And I am thankful for that. I’m am thankful that I’m allowed and even encouraged to come to him. I praise him because he is my father and I can always trust him. I may struggle to live out every moment in Him, but those struggles leave me knowing and loving him more.

Ephesains 1:11-14

James 1:2-6,22-25

Father I thank you, I praise you,I love you,I worship you.

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