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Pass the mustard (seed) please!!

Times are hard. Families struggle to put food on the table as unemployment remains a concern for Americas. Some fear foreclosure on their home. For others their worries are in personal health or mental,physical, and spiritual weakness.Its hard to feel love ,hope, and grace in our lives when we sit down to eat and all that lays before us is a mustard seed.Seemingly small and unsatisfying. The FDA would say we need more than some little mustard seed for proper nourishment.

Now, Jesus spoke to his disciples telling them not to worry about  food or clothes.God will provide for you,just as he dresses the field with grass and makes the lilies grow.We should not seek after anything but the kingdom of God.Put your desires and treasure in heaven and your heart will follow. (Luke 12:22-34)

In  Matthew 13:31-32 . Jesus tells us that the kingdom of heaven is just like a small mustard seed. When we take that spiritual mustard seed off our plate and digest it. We will find that it is more than enough to fill and satisfy our hunger, because when we take that mustard seed of faith it will grow in us. The Holy Spirit will show through you . God will use you as a tool to reach others through his Spirit growing and growing inside of you.

Brothers and Sisters if you are hungry, or hurting or worried I encourage you to not put your energies into the world’s solutions, but in the kingdoms. Speak with God and even if you only have a small amount of faith; trust that God who loves you enough to send us his son to die for you, is not going to let you go or go away. He will hear you and you will know it by the spirit you feel working in your life.

God Bless you all and have a wonderful

Easter.He has Risen!!!!



Fun fact: Mustard seed plants were commonly used as toothbrushes, antiseptic, astringent, and detergent.

Fun fact about me: I actually have a strong dislike to mustard. My dad thinks I’m strange. Good thing its spiritual not literal!


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