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My psalm

The woman I am

is not the woman

you need me to be.

Forgetting Truth.

Full of selfish wants,

and meaningless needs.

Far from perfection

I humbly fall to my knees.

All I have is yours.

It was you who gave it to me.

Open my eyes Lord,

to take to heart the Gift,

the grace, the life giving deed.

Make me the woman you want me to be.

Full of love,

full of light

and faith everlasting.

No more of me.

All of you.

I give up my desires,

my burdens and my will.

Let them be yours Oh God

Let them be yours.

Change the woman I am.

Because of who you are.

Guide my every step.

May I never wonder far.

I may never be Proverbs 31

But in my fails,

in my faith,

I pray to be like the Son

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